1.1. The company under the name “Nicolaos Gr. Louridis”, with registered seat at Golden Beach Paros, PC 84400, with VAT no 043762264, Tax Office Paros (to be henceforth called Rebel”) is the sole and exclusive owner of an application, designed for the online reservation of beach beds and umbrellas in Golden Beach of Paros in Greece, as these are registered and appear in the application (to be henceforth called the Application” and the Service” respectively), through the application «Rebel» for mobile phones.

1.2. Once you decide to use the Application and the Service, you declare that you agree and accept the present terms in their total. Rebel is entitled at any time and without notice to amend the present terms, which however shall always be available, in their current version, in «Rebel» application.

1.3. In order to use the Application and the Service you must be at least 18 years old and have the right to enter this agreement. Rebel shall not be held liable for any use of the Application by the Users who do not meet the above conditions.


2.1. The Application is an online platform, through which the visitor may reserve a beach bed/umbrella, at Rebel beach bar, of visitor’s choice for a specific day of the week, that may desire.


3.1. Reservation

3.1.1. The User enters the application. All available beach beds/umbrellas appear in a layout. Reservation of a beach bed/umbrella depends always on the number of beach beds being available, as these appear in the Application and is valid only for the specific date the User has chosen as his/her arrival at the beach.

3.1.2. For a valid reservation, the User shall provide specific information such as name, surname, email address and credit card data. The user declares that all personal data is accurate & valid. In case of false or inaccurate data, Rebel shares no responsibility. If by any chance there is an inaccuracy, Rebel deserves the right to cancel the specific reservation.   

3.1.3. The User chooses the specific available umbrella set he/she wishes to book, as well as the day of his/her reservation. The User may reserve as many sets as he/she desires for as many days as he/she wants, as long as they are available. After a successful registration, the User shall receive an email from Rebel, confirming his/her reservation.

3.1.5. As soon as the reservation is completed, Rebel sends the User an email with a unique reservation code. The User shall display the code to Rebel’s personnel upon his/her arrival at the beach. The employee shall insert the code in an application exclusively designed for this scope. The code is unique and necessary for the verification of the reservation, therefore it may only be used once. It is clarified that each reservation is confirmed exclusively by the use of the code. Please note, that the confirmation of the code’s holder cannot be performed by Rebel at the time the User visits the beach. Therefore, in case the code is lost or stolen and used by a third person, Rebel bears no responsibility whereas the User remains exclusively responsible.

3.1.6. As soon as the User arrives at the beach and displays his/her unique code to the Provider’s personnel, the User receives the lawful invoice.

3.2. Cancelation of reservation

3.2.1. Reservation is valid until 13:00s, every day, after which it is automatically canceled. The User acknowledges that in case he/she does not arrive at the beach within the above time, shall be charged with the total amount the User has paid for the reservation. The User is not entitled to replace the reservation with another one  available without paying the reservation fee again.

3.2.2. There will be no refund in case of cancellation.


4.1. The cost of the Service is displayed in the Application. By visiting the Application the User may check the price of the reservation set.

4.2. The User acknowledges and agrees that Rebel reserves the right to charge the User’s credit card. The User’s credit card is charged at the time of the reservation and not at the time the User visits the beach. In case the reservation is cancelled there is no refund.

4.3. Rebel cannot control and therefore is not liable for any extra bank charges imposed on the User during execution of the bank transaction.

4.4. The lawful invoice for the Service’s fees shall be issued by Rebel and delivered to the User upon his/her arrival at the beach and the display of the unique code.


5.1. Provider is the sole and exclusive owner of the equipment provided through the Application.

5.2. Rebel does not own, sell, resell, lease, sublease, manage and/or control the equipment. The Application and the Service’s purpose is to enable the reservation of beach beds and umbrellas.

5.4. Rebel shall not be held liable for any accident or property damage, the User may suffer during his/her stay at the beach and use of the equipment and/or any other of the beaches’ facilities.

5.5. As soon as the reservation through the Application is completed, Rebel is exclusively responsible for its execution. Rebel is solely responsible to ensure that the User’s reservation shall be performed correctly and that the reserved beach bed/umbrella shall be available at the selected day, until the mentioned time above. 5.6. Rebel is responsible for the correct execution of the Additional Facilities & Services, offered.

5.7. It is explicitly stated that the Application and the Service are provided by Rebel to the User “AS IS”.


Rebel may process the Users’ personal data in the context of providing the Service. Rebel is bound by and applies the current EU legislation regarding protection of personal data. No transfer of such data to any third parties shall be made by Rebel. For the purpose of the present terms Rebel shall be the personal data controller. In the event that a User wishes to exercise his/her right to access, delete or object to his/her personal data processing, the User has to notify this in writing to Rebel at the email info@rebelbeachbar.gr